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Lessons in Love is back for its 11th edition!
Join us as we celebrate the wonders of the cosmos.
All aboard our lovecraft, We're traveling to a party beyond space and time!


◭ Lessons in Love is a one-day festival in the woods and grassfields of Nachtegalenpark, Antwerpen. We are a community-based event that originated from a group of friends wanting to share their love for music ◮

◭ Our mission is to connect people in their love for music, nature and dancing.  At Lessons in Love, everyone is welcome to live and share the music and love, independently of who you are or want to be ◮

◭ Our love for nature involves attention for ecology, which we apply (as much as we can) in the making of our festival. We also love creating and building things with our own minds and hands - or by local craft(wo)men ◮

◭ We are not for profit, supported by a great love-community. Part of our accidental profit is donated to charities. The rest goes out to making our festival better, greener and more surprising by each edition ◮

This year, we are celebrating our
11th edition!

Come and space with us.


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Domein XI
Floraliënlaan, 2020 Antwerpen

We urge you to come by bicycle or public transportation

You can reach the festival by:
Tram 7 & 15 from Antwerpen Harmonie
Bus 32 from Antwerpen Centraal Station or Berchem Station.

Launch :

Yes, there will be delicious food.


More details coming soon
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13h30 : Jul-E
15h00 : Boogeymen
16h30 : Godere
18h30 : Forbidden
              Fruit (live)
20h00 : Arne
22h00 : Momo


 the extraordinary gathering of people, electronic music, mystical woods, and infinite love

16h00 - 00h00



15h00 : Orgelgeschut
15h45 : Jes
 Shaq-B - 'Hozo - Dubbel J - Y.B. Hustle - Ano4will & RJ
17h30 : Orgelgeschut           
18h00 : Boogeymen
19h30 : Orgelgeschut
20h00 : From Sam Suffit 
              to Christelle Meth 


The Mothership


Galaxy Garden

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